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This morning I am sitting with my tea, looking out over the garden. It’s quietly muffled by a morning mist that is hanging in the air. Everything is wet with yesterday’s last rainfall. One of the nesting wrens is searching for bugs on a branch just outside the window.


Nature isn’t consumed with who is who, and what do they have and why are they better than me? Why are we?

Nature appears to go about it’s business with an understanding that life is about creating and growing and being the best and most beautiful it can.


Seems to me that nature is pretty smart.

Life IS about creating, that is what life IS – creation and creating!

I wonder how the world would be different if each of us looked within and understood how utterly unique we are. If each of us began singing our own song like the birds at dawn chorus.

How would the world change if instead of focussing on what we don’t have and which shop can we get it at and how much is that please? If instead of that we all just stopped and rejoiced at being ourselves.


I can’t help but believe it would be a much better place, kinder and less full of inequality.

I assume I am like most people, riddled with self doubt and afraid of failing.  I am learning slowly that life isn’t about passing or failing – life is about living in a way that lets you shine.  Each of us are totally amazing, one of a kind beings.  No one else on earth can do what I do or what you do in exactly that same way, we each have our own song to sing – our little part to add to the symphony.

By letting fear and doubt silence us we are depriving ourselves and others of a very beautiful thing.