All of my life I have pretty much walked the main road.


Do you know the one I mean?  Daughter, Mother, Wife, Housekeeper, Worker – never straying too far to the left or the right for fear I might fall into something messy in the gutter. Not to say that any of these things is bad, they are all fulfilling in their own way and have brought much joy to my life. However, notice that sign up there in that photo? It is time to pay attention to some other parts of my life that the Main Road has taken me away from. Time to take a step away from that centre line.

I feel like that’s what I’m about to do, or maybe I have already begun the process, my right foot wavering – mid-air, unsure where it’s going to land.

Lately little pathways keep offering themselves up to me, unpaved, lined with moss covered stones, ancient gnarled trees of the most friendly kind, lush green lanes filled with voices whispering ‘Come away! Come dance with us down the lane and into the treasure that lies beyond’.


Now, on the Main Road little voices can be a bad thing, a hint of madness or outright anarchy, but I’ve been walking closer to the side of the Main Road for several months now and the voices don’t scare me, they are friendly and full of promise.

I sense adventure in the air and a coming home to the person I’ve been away from. Come dance with me down this path if you’d like – I’m sure it’s going to be full of surprises and new friends.